About Us

My name is Kayla, the owner of Kay-Glossay. Back in 2020, I was 15 years old at home with nothing to do because the world was on lockdown due to Coronavirus. One day I was in my bedroom, and my lips were really dry. I ran out of all my lipgloss and couldn’t get any from the beauty supply store because it was shut down. I went on YouTube and tried to see how I could make homemade lip gloss. 

From there, I started watching videos like "How to Create Your Own Lipgloss Business," and it didn't seem complicated at all. The next day, I talked to my dad about starting a lipgloss business, and he thought it was a great idea. He gave me $100 to start my business, and I proceeded to tell my Aunt about my plan. She was also on board, and my aunt and I have built and grown Kay-Glossay since then.

At Kay-Glossay, we focus on providing quality products, great customer service, and an amazing experience all together. In the end, doing this allows our community, Glossay Land, to grow and become stronger. 

Our tagline, “You’ll Thank Me Later,” lets everyone know that by the time you receive your items, you'll be happy that you trusted and supported Kay-Glossay.